Link for convenience: emotionbuffdudes.comHey y’all.As some of…

Link for convenience:

Hey y’all.

As some of you know, this comic started right here on Tumblr. It in fact, stayed exclusively here for a while. Here is a link the first post ever of anything having to do with Owlturd/Shen Comix, made on Feb 20, 2013:

And here is the text of it:

Welcome, dear visitor, to Owl Turd Comix. I generally go by Shenanigansen, and I’ll be your host today – feel free to settle in and get comfortable. You might be thinking:

1. Shen, how are you so good at naming things? (It’s a talent.)

1b. Can you name my baby? (Yes.)

3. So what is this site and what will it be used for?

Well, usually I would prefer to remain mysterious and say something like “all will be clear in due time,” and that’s mostly because I myself only have the foggiest idea of the answer to that last question. I will post comics here. Will they be funny? Eh, hit and miss, I imagine, just like anything else.

But I’ll at least get a smile out of you. I promise.

Cheeky, right? But I was being totally honest about the “no idea what I’m doing” part. Many people ask me why I called it “Owlturd Comix.” It was because I was looking up funny domains on godaddy, and decided to start a webcomic on a whim at 2 AM.

Now here we are, what, 5 years and some months later?

A book. Holy shit.

All of this would have come to nothing without your readership and support. I wouldn’t be making these comics if y’all weren’t there to read them. So, whether you’re a longtime fan or you just discovered this stuff yesterday, I just want to say this: Thank you.