hey Shen, uhh… idk just saying stuff I guess but… I hope you’re doing okay and like.. sometimes we as fans think we know you and stuff and we may say things that could slander your character, that could hurt you but I think it’s important to remember that we don’t know you well enough to do that legitimately… as in.. take everything we say with a grain of salt.. also I love your comics hope you keep making them

unfortunately, while i love my fans, i cannot really take these things with a grain of salt anymore.

on monday, i made a comic about how you might have to work hard and end up at a level of skill that some people more or less start at, and tried to find some humor in that. a bunch of people took it to mean “shen thinks artists don’t work hard” or “shen thinks there’s no point in working hard, just because talent”

so, i took it down, because i didn’t want to send that message out there, even if i didn’t intend to.

on wednesday, i made a comic about how strung up the internet is about everything lately. it had nothing to do with nazis or nazi “opinions,” which are indefensible. in fact, it was mostly inspired by the reaction to the previous comic.

i’m probably gonna take it down too, because i don’t want to send a message out there that nazi opinions are a-ok, and certainly dont want them to use this comic to defend themselves.

and then, when i stick to “safe” topics to avoid this ridiculous murphy’s law of internet comic interpretation, people give me shit for that as well. let’s be honest here: it has nothing to do with the comics, and people are not always acting in good faith.